Some of the more frequently asked questions.

My lights and/or power went out, what should I do?

Firstly, you should locate your switchboard. Make sure all of your RCDs and Circuit Breakers are in the ON position. If a circuit breaker has tripped attempt to turn it back on. If the circuit breaker trips again leave it off and contact an electrician as soon as possible to fix the problem.

A switch has been pushed into the wall through the switch plate, what should I do?

Leave the switch in whatever current position it is in and call an electrician as soon as possible to fix the problem.

Every time I plug a certain appliance in or turn the appliance on my power trips, what should I do?

The most likely cause is that the appliance is faulty. Unplug the appliance and call an electrician to come have a look and diagnose the problem.

Why do my lights keep blowing bulbs?

If your down lights are continuously blowing light bulbs there may be a problem with the transformer or the lamp holder. These parts can be replaced. However, if the lights are old halogen technology it might be time to upgrade to new L.E.D lights.

My smoke alarms are only battery-powered. Do I have to change them to 240v battery backup?

Yes. It is imperative that you keep your family safe with 240v battery backup smoke alarms. There are two types of smoke detectors; ionization and photoelectric. Photoelectric are the recommended smoke detectors and ionization may be phased out over time.

What is an R.C.D and why do I need them?

RCDs are devices there to protect you from electrical shock, if you come into contact with electricity through a faulty electronic device the RCD will detect a change in current flow and disconnect the power almost instantaneously from your switchboard.

I’m not sure if my switchboard is R.C.D protected, how can I tell?

All R.C.D’s have a test button located on them that trips the power when you push it. They are required to be on all general power circuits and all lighting circuits. If you don’t think that the circuits that should be are protected by an R.C.D or you’re not sure, contact your electrician for advice.

I pressed the test button on my R.C.D but the power didn’t trip, what should I do?

Your R.C.D is faulty and needs to be replaced. Contact your electrician as soon as possible.

Why do my power circuits trip every time it rains?

The most likely cause is you have a power point or a light exposed to weather that has a hole/leak in it. Contact your electrician so they can diagnose and fix the problem.

How do I get rid of mould in my air conditioner?

You can prevent mould by making sure you keep your filters clean year round. If you can see a large build up of mould on the internal fan blade it’s time to book a complete washdown of your unit.

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